Car Tidy – Stay Organised

When I was younger, I remember going on car journey’s and playing various games to help pass the time. Unfortunately, back then, there were no gadgets like there are today such as iPhones, tablets, Nintendo handhelds etc. My sister and I amused ourselves with games such as ‘spot the red car’ or ‘eye spy’ over and over again.

Kids of today don’t know how good they have it! Nowadays there’s a whole multitude of ways to stay occupied on long car journeys. The back of my car these days resembles a disorganised and chaotic office for juniors. Yep, my kids have all the usual gadgets on our car journeys. Now, I’m not particular car proud, but I do like to see things organised and tidy. Tidy office, tidy mind as they say, so after seeing the mess that my kids had left the rear cabin in, I decided enough was enough.

I wasn’t about to ban them from taking sweets, drinks and devices on car outings, but I did want them to keep their stuff organised. Thankfully, the answer to my problem came to me from my friend Ian. He and I were chatting our car stuff in general when he called me over to his car look at something he’d not long ordered from Amazon. It was a car tidy, specifically aimed at kids. Ian has two kids, aged between 6 and 10 and attached to the back of each front seat was a car seat organiser. “They’re brilliant!” I said and Ian agreed. Each organiser had several pockets and stowaway pouches to store stuff. There was a drinks holder, iPad/Tablet holder with clear viewer, earphone storage plus lots of other useful pockets to store items.

Without hesitation, I went home and ordered a couple of car organisers for my car and they promptly came the next day. I found this car seat organisers review site useful: in choosing the right ones for me.

Fitting was easy, and the kids love using them (for now, at least!). What I also like about these items, is they also protect the rear of the front seats from scuffing as your kids clamber in and out of the car – no more scuffs on my gorgeous black leather interior – winner!

They’re inexpensive too – the ones I bought were £14.99 each but I did notice you can buy a twin pack too for better value.

I’m looking forward to our next car journey and hope to report that I didn’t have to nag the kids to tidy up after we’ve arrived at our destination. Hopefully, they will keep things tidy as they go. Both my kids love tuning out and watching stuff on their iPads, so the car tidy I went for has a transparent pouch which allows you to mount the iPad/tablet at a comfortable viewing height and distance.

If you like to keep the back of your car clean and tidy, especially if you have kids then I would certainly recommend buying a car tidy. Simple to fit, inexpensive and best of all, helps to keep the children quiet on our long car journeys!